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Case File Copies

The Records File Room is responsible for maintaining all documents in the local court files and serves the public by aiding with records searches and copies of court documents. Requests can be made in person, online, or by mail on a first come, first serve basis.

To request copies online

Case File Copies may be requested through an online web form.

To search for court records

Use the Oregon Judicial Department Online Record Search.

What are the fees for Copies and when are they due?

Paper Copy Costs would apply to documents Mailed or Picked up in Person:

  • Copy Cost Per Page: 25 cents per page.
  • Certified Copy: $5.00 + per page copy charge.
  • Exemplified Copy: $10.00 + per page copy charge.
  • Cost per Request in a Case for Regular copies: $3.00 per case request + per page copy charge.

Electronic Copy Costs would apply to documents Emailed or delivered on a CD or other media format:

  • Microfilm Document Emailed: 45 cents per page
  • Electronic Document Emailed: $3.00 per case request
  • Electronic Certified Copy: $5.00
  • Exemplified Copy: $10.00

Other Costs associated with copies:

  • CD Copy of Documents: $1.00 + Cost of Electronic Copies
  • Other Media Format: Actual Court Cost of Media + Cost of Electronic Copies.
  • Mailing: Actual Cost of Mailing.

Payment is due prior to completing your copy request. Actual cost of postage will be added to copies sent by mail.

To obtain copies in person visit us at

Washington County Circuit Court

Located on the First Floor Justice Services Building
Public Records Review Room #110J
150 N 1st Avenue
Hillsboro, OR 97124

To request copies by mail

Complete the Records Request by Mail Form (see below) and send with a self-addressed stamped envelope. The form must be completed and include the following information:

  • The complete name of the person or persons involved
  • The case number or year it was filed
  • The specific documents you are requesting (or entire case file)
  • How you want to receive the documents (electronic/emailed copy, or hard copy)
  • State whether or not you want each document certified, or just regular copies
  • Your name and contact information in case we have questions

Include a check made payable to the State of Oregon. If you do not know the correct amount for your request, we accept not-to-exceed (NTE) checks with a maximum of $30.00.

Mail the letter, check and self-addressed stamped envelope to:

Washington County Circuit Court
Attention: Records Department
150 N 1st Avenue MS 37
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Confidential Record Requests

State law restricts who may receive copies of records for some case types such as adoptions and juvenile cases. If you are requesting records from one of these (confidential) case type, your request may be denied or you may be required to complete additional paperwork, show identification and pick up the copies in person. Requests must be submitted by letter or motion. See instructions in forms library.

What is the difference between regular, certified, and exemplified copies?

Regular Copies are copies of the original document filed in the case. Regular copies can be an electronic (TIFF or PDF) or paper copy. These are often for individual record keeping and not used for verification to a third party.

Certified Copies are copies of documents filed with the court that are sworn to be a true and correct copy by a court clerk. The certified copy of the document includes a stamp, the court’s seal, and the clerk’s signature. Certified copies are often required by third party agencies.

  • Electronically Certified Copies are digital copies of filed documents that are digitally stamped in red or blue ink and signed by the court clerk and delivered via email. The document must be printed in color if delivering a copy to a third party agency. Before requesting a digital certified copy, please confirm with the agency requesting the document that they will accept an electronic certification. This document must be printed in color.
  • Paper Certified Copies are physical paper copies of the filed document that are stamped and signed in ink as a true copy by a court clerk. If the document is multiple pages, it will also be stapled. If the staple is removed, the certification becomes invalid. Paper certified documents are usually required by the following agencies:
    • Social Secuirty
    • Secratary of State
    • Certified documents in Estate and Probate cases for documents that are used to administer estates, such as fiduciary letters and small estate affidavits, may also need to be certified on paper.
Exemplified Copies are also called a 3-Way Certificate. They are true and correct copies of documents filed with the court. The document is sworn to by the Court Administrator, then the Court Administrator's signature is sworn to by a judge, and the Court Administrator then swears to the judge's signature. These copies are often required by other states and countries when copies are being filed in their local court. 
Before requesting a digital exemplified copy, please confirm with the agency requesting the document that they will accept it in electronic form. This document must be printed in color.

If you are requesting documents because you need to file them with another agency, (e.g., Social Security, Secretary of State, DMV, etc.) verify with that agency what type of copies are needed.

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