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Audio Copies

What is an audio copy & how do I request one?

The Circuit Court records all hearings and trials for all case types. To request a copy of the audio (sound) recording from a hearing or trial you must submit a request on the Court’s Audio Copy Request form (see below).

If you are filing an appeal of your case, you may need a transcript of the hearing and not an audio copy. An audio copy is a sound recording that you listen to. A transcript is a written record of the hearing that you read. Transcripts are made by a professional transcriber who listens to the audio (sound) recording and types the spoken words into a written document.

In addition to the audio recording, you may request a copy of the audio log, which is a general time-stamped index of the recorded hearing or trial that lists major events during the hearing, such as when a witness begins testimony or when an objection is made. For hearings originally recorded on cassette, the log is only available on paper. For hearings originally recorded using FTR, the audio log is provided in PDF format by email.

Audio copies of hearings and trials are provided by email, however audio copies of some older recordings may be provided on cassette tape if the original recording was prior to January 1, 2004.

To request copies online

Audio Copies may be requested through an online web form.

Turnaround time for Audio Copies is 5-10 business days. You will be notified via email (using a valid email address you will provide) when the recordings are ready for downloading.

To search for court records

Use the Oregon Judicial Department Online Record Search.

Can I have a copy of a confidential hearing?

State law restricts who may receive audio copies of hearings and trials for some case types such as adoptions and juvenile cases. If you are requesting an audio copy from a restricted (confidential) case type, your request may be denied or you may be required to complete additional paperwork and show identification. Requests for confidential records must be made by completing a request form (see the form below). No email requests will be accepted for confidential records. Please mail or bring your completed request to Washington County Circuit Court, Attn: Juvenile Department, 222 N 1st Avenue, Hillsboro, Oregon 97124.

What if I need help accessing my audio copy after I have received it?

To listen to recordings provided by email you must have a personal computer (PC) with a sound card and speakers. The court uses a program called "For the Record" (FTR) to record the audio during hearings and trials. Audio copies provided by email will contain a link to download a free copy of the FTR Player program. Follow the directions for downloading FTR Player from the FTR website. Court staff cannot assist you if you encounter problems with downloading the FTR Player. If you encounter technical difficulties with the FTR Player, you will need to contact technical support at FTR.

What are the fees for Audio Copies and when are they due?

FTR Audio Costs would apply to copies Emailed, Mailed or Picked up in Person: 

  • Electronic Recording: $10.00 per proceeding
  • CD Recording: $1.00 per CD + Electronic Recording costs (example: Electronic Recording cost $10.00 + 1 CD = $11)
  • Other Media Format: Actual Court Cost of Media + Electronic Recording.
  • Mailing: Actual Cost of Mailing.

All fees must be paid in full before copies are made. Payment of the fees can be made by cash, check, cashier check, money order, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

After you are notified of the cost for your audio copy request you may pay by phone at Court Accounting at 503-846-8888 x55003.

Note: You will need to provide the cashier with your case number and the amount you are required to pay. The cashier will provide you with a receipt number for your payment. You will be required to provide that receipt to the Records FTR Clerk to finish processing your request.

When should I receive my audio copy?

Generally, copies are emailed, available for pick-up or are mailed within five to ten (5 - 10) business days after receipt of payment. Requests are processed in the order they are received. Payment in full must be received before the request is processed.

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