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If you are filing an appeal of your case, you may need a transcript of the hearing and not an audio copy. An audio copy is a sound recording that you listen to. A transcript is a written record of the hearing that you read. Transcripts are made by a professional transcriber who listens to the audio (sound) recording and types the spoken words into a written document.

How do I request a transcript for the purpose of filing an appeal?

An appellant filing a Notice of Appeal, or a respondent filing a Notice of Designation of Additional Proceedings, must service a copy of the notice to the trial court's Transcript Coordinator. The Transcript Coordinator will automatically assign a transcriber to prepare the designated transcript.

How do I request a transcript if it is not for the purpose of filing an appeal?

If the transcript is needed for any other reason (it is not for the purpose of an appeal), you may take an audio recording of the hearing to a certified transcriber. Certified transcribers or court reporters may be located in the yellow pages of the phone book or by searching online.

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