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The Washington County Circuit Court has established a Violations Bureau under ORS 153.800. Any person receiving a traffic violation and having been cited to appear at the Washington County Circuit Court will appear before the Violations Bureau. The Violations Bureau permits a clerk to take a plea of Guilty, No Contest or Not Guilty on violations that do not have a required court appearance. Please note there are certain traffic violations that must appear before a judge for resolution.

It is important to read your traffic citation as it contains important information.

For traffic violation processing you may do one of the options listed below:

  • Appear in person: The violations unit is located in the Law Enforcement Center, 215 SW Adams Street, Hillsboro, OR 97123. A violations clerk will assist you with your case. If requested, the violations clerk may consider reducing the fine after review of your driving record.
  • Appear by mail: If you choose to plead no contest, you may mail your ticket – with the plea option clearly noted on the ticket - along with the full amount of the fine, to the courthouse (address is listed on the ticket). Make sure your ticket will be received on or before your appearance date.
  • Appear by phone: If you choose to plead no contest, you may call the court and make your payment over the phone. The full amount of the fine will be due at the time of the plea. We will be able to take your payment over the phone.

If you choose to plead no contest by telephone, the violations clerk may accept your plea of no contest by telephone with the following exclusions:

  • Possession of Less Than 1 oz Marijuana
  • Minor in Possession (age 18-21 only)
  • Weigh Master Citations
  • Driving While Suspended as a Violation
  • Speeding Violations in excess of the posted speed:
    • Over 100 miles per hour
    • 30 miles per hour over the posted speed and prior speeding violations within the previous 12 month

IMPORTANT: Failure to appear or pay the fine associated with your traffic citation will result in a default judgment being entered against you and may result in additional fees being imposed, as well as a suspension of your driver’s license.

For traffic violation processing, check in at the window located at the above listed address. Traffic court is held Monday through Friday at 1:00pm at the Law Enforcement Center Courtroom, 215 SW Adams Street, Hillsboro, Oregon 97123.

You may also pay fees and fines associated with your traffic violation at this location, or you may pay online.

If you fail to appear or fail to pay the fine on your traffic violation, a default judgment may be entered against you and may result in a suspension of your driver’s license.

Pay using the Circuit Court's ePay system online. A no contest plea will be entered on your behalf.

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