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Status Conference Protocol

Status conferences provide a meaningful opportunity to discuss settlement and narrow the issues for contested hearings. Attorneys should be familiar with the case and should have engaged in some proactive and meaningful discussion with the opposing party.

Pursuant to SLR 6.013, the parties may request a formal settlement conference with a different judge.

Status Conference Protocol

  1. If the parties have minor children, each parent must complete the Family Law Education Class before the status conference. Registration can be made by visiting the Conciliation Services (Mediation / Family Law Education) website. Additionally, both parents must actively engage in the court mandated mediation program. A mediation order must be obtained to attend.
  2. If there are issues of custody or parenting time, mediation must be completed before the status conference.
  3. Discovery must be complete before status conference.
  4. If child or spousal support is at issue, each party must completed a uniform support affidavit & supply a copy to the other party with all attachments no later than 10 days before status conference.
  5. All pleadings pursuant to UTCR 8.010 shall be exchanged prior to the status conference. Unless stipulated otherwise in writing, sanctions may be imposed for failure to comply (UTCR 1.090).
  6. Parties and their attorneys must personally appear for status conference absent prior written court approval. FAILURE TO APPEAR AT THE STATUS CONFERENCE OR TRIAL MAY BE DEEMED A WAIVER OF THE RIGHT TO APPEAR, AND THE COURT MAY PROCEED TO FINAL TRIAL OR HEARING IMMEDIATELY. See SLR 6.012.
  7. Case and hearing settlements must be placed on the record at the time set for the hearing unless orders/judgments are submitted and signed prior to that time. Reasonable requests for appearance by phone for settlements on the record is generally accepted.
  8. All resets, settlements, and specific requests must be provided in writing. Notification of settled matters is acceptable by fax. Any other unsolicited faxes will be charged at the rate of $2 for the first page and $1 for every page thereafter and will not be considered without prior court approval. Please call the court staff if there is an urgent need to fax a document to the Court.
  9. Contact the Court ahead of time if an interpreter is needed for your case or make interpreter arrangements by contacting interpreter services at 503-846-8346.