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Adult Treatment Court

Contact Information

Wallowa County Treatment Court Coordinator
Dawn Haskett

Wallowa County Circuit Court
101 S River Street Room 204
Enterprise, OR 97827

Hearing Times
Every Wednesday

  1. To provide early identification and intervention in the cycle of addiction.
  2. To offer a preventive alternative to handling of drug addicts by replacing traditional court responses of incarceration for non-violent offenders, by providing a rapid response of treatment and supportive services to halt the adverse effects of substance abuse.
  3. To facilitate a process of recovery and substance-free living among program participants by creating positive changes in their behavior, health, attitudes, and relationships with others.
  4. To reduce crime and drug use recidivism through the implementation of alcohol and other drug treatment and recovery strategies.
  5. To ensure public safety by holding participants strictly accountable for their behavior and to respond immediately to evidence of program noncompliance.
  6. To increase the safety and decrease public spending by facilitating a drug free and productive lifestyle for the participants.
  7. To ensure that everyone has a fair and just opportunity to address their substance use disorder and receive quality services, which may include employment and housing stability, insurance status, proximity to services, and culturally responsive care.

  1. Rapidly screen and enroll participants into a treatment program.
  2. Provide comprehensive treatment services for all participants.
  3. Require participants to seek adequate employment and housing.
  4. Closely monitor participant’s progress toward recovery with frequent and random drug and alcohol testing.
  5. Consistently and rapidly apply positive and/or negative reinforcement for compliance or noncompliance through incentives, sanctions, and interventions.
  6. Provide Wallowa County Community Corrections with an effective tool to motivate treatment court participants to successfully deal with their addictions.
  7. Utilize the skills and resources of probation officers to monitor participants and hold them accountable through home visits, office visits and other supervision techniques.

The Wallowa County Adult/DUII Treatment Court targets men and women who are 18 years or older, reside in Wallowa County, are addicted to a controlled substance and/or have two or more DUII convictions and agree to participate in the program.

The Adult Treatment Court is comprised of participants who have significant histories of criminal behavior and drug addiction.

Adult Treatment Court participants generally:

  • Have a significant history by self-report or other evidence of alcohol or other drug dependence and must meet moderate to severe DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.
  • Exhibit a likelihood that sobriety and addressing criminal behavior patterns will stop the participant’s criminal behavior.
  • Have a need for an intense level of supervision and intervention to obtain sobriety and meet medium to high level need according to LS/CMI (Level of Service/Case Management Inventory) assessment or other similar evaluation tool.
  • May have a co-occurring mental health diagnosis.
  • Have a criminal history which shows that a significant number of the individual’s crimes are related to the use of substances and the maintenance of that lifestyle.

The Wallowa County Adult/DUII Treatment Court do not have any upcoming community outreach projects scheduled at ​this time.

The Wallowa County Adult/DUII Treatment Court began in 2002. Our current program capacity is 16 participants with an average of 10. The overall operation of the Wallowa County Adult/DUII Treatment Court is based on the 10 Key Components of Drug Court and uses the Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards.

All participants in this program are given access to a continuum of alcohol, drug and other treatment and rehabilitation services. In addition to intensive outpatient drug and alcohol treatment, the treatment team can make referrals to vocational rehabilitation, Behavioral Health therapy, Department of Human Services, inpatient treatment, and ​specialized opiate addiction therapy and MAT.

If you are an alumni of the Wallowa County Adult/DUII Treatment Court Program and would like to be notified of upcoming alumni events please contact the coordinator at 541-426-4991​.

Wallowa County Adult/DUII Treatment Court Team Members

Thomas Powers, Presiding Judge
Jennifer Harmon, Parole & Probation Officer
Jeff MacNeilly, Attorney
Rebecca Frolander, District Attorney
Veronica Warnock, Deputy District Attorney
Dylan Edwards, Treatment Counselor
Sandra Gore, Treatment Counselor
Maggie Hunt, Treatment Counselor
Laurel Wallace, Peer Mentor
Timmothy Richardson, Peer Mentor
Dawn Haskett, Coordinator
Mandy Decker, Youth Services Director
Talena Emerson, Juvenile Counselor I
Marilyn Dalton, Building Healthy Families/Prevention Site Coordinator
Chief K. McQuead, Law Enforcement Representative
Cassandra Burns, Community Connections

Steering Committee

Honorable Thomas Powers, Circuit Court Judge
Michelle Leonard, Circuit Court TCA
Heather Retherford, Circuit Court
Dawn Haskett, Circuit Court/Wallowa County Treatment Court
Jeff MacNeilly/Defense Attorney
Joel Laker, Assure Drug Detection
Jennifer Harmon, Community Corrections
Eric Madsen, Community Corrections
Kyle Hacker, Community Corrections
Chief McQuead, Enterprise Police Department
Maggie Hunt, Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness
Brandon Miller, Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness
Dylan Edwards, Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness
Rebecca Frolander, District Attorney
Mandy Decker, Youth Services Director
Vixen Radford-Wecks, NEON Outreach and Enrollment Specialist
Neal Isley, Point of Connection Ministries
Marilyn Dalton, Building Healthy Families
Wallowa County Sheriff