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Drug Court

Drug Court Information

The Crook County Adult Drug Court is a special program in the Circuit Court system that is designed to treat addicted individuals and give them the tools they need to change their lives. The Drug Court Judge serves as the leader of an inter-disciplinary team of professionals.

The target population for the Crook County Adult Drug Court is moderate to high risk offenders. Individuals interested in participating in the Adult Drug Court must first complete the Crook County Adult Drug Court Screening Form, participate in a screening with the Drug Court Coordinator, and observe Drug Court.

Once accepted for participation, the Drug Court Entry Packet - PV must be completed with your attorney and the Drug Court Judge must approve your participation. All participants must meet with the Adult Drug Court Coordinator to review and sign the Drug Court Orientation Packet.

The Crook County Adult Drug Court is a four (4) phase program. Adult Drug Court participants typically undergo several random drug and alcohol tests each week while also attending and verifying attendance at treatment and support groups. In bi-monthly court sessions, the team will review your progress and the judge will give an incentive or a consequence based on that progress. 

The Drug Court program is scheduled to be 18 months in duration, although some people may need more time to satisfy the criteria for program completion. To graduate, you must demonstrate continuous abstinence from drugs and alcohol for a substantial period of time (generally 6 months or longer), satisfy the conditions of treatment and Supervision, complete all phase requirements, and pay applicable fines and fees. 

Benefits of the Crook County Adult Drug Court include:

  • Access to intensive substance abuse treatment and other related treatment and rehabilitation services
  • Charges dismissed or possible early termination of probation upon program completions
  • A lifetime of freedom from substance abuse and criminal behavior!

Email the Adult Drug Court Coordinator at or call 541.447.6541.116.

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