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Drug Possession Citations

Did you get a citation (ticket) for drug possession? If so, read this.

A new law (2020 Ballot Measure 110) makes some types of Possession of a Controlled Substance (PCS, or illegal drug possession) a violation instead of a crime. That means if a person is convicted they cannot go to jail or prison but may have to pay a fine.
If you have received a citation (ticket) for possession of a controlled substance after February 1,2021, read the citation. If it says “PCS” or “Possession,” lists a fine of $100, and lists one of the law numbers at the bottom of this page, follow these special instructions. If not, follow the directions on
the citation.

If you are accused of a PCS violation, here are your options:
  1. “Appear” in court and plead not guilty. Follow the instructions on your ticket. “Appear” doesn’t necessarily mean you have to come to the courthouse.
  2. Plead ‘no contest’ and pay the $100 fine. Follow the instructions on the ticket or pay online at
  3. Ask the court to reduce your fine. Follow the instructions on the ticket to “appear” in court.
  4. Obtain a health assessment and avoid any fine. Follow these instructions: 
    • Call 503-575-3769. Someone will answer 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    • Tell the person you want a Measure 110 health assessment.
      • In order to avoid paying a fine, you will need to complete an assessment
      • within 45 days of the date of your citation.
      • They will ask you questions to see if you need medical treatment, substance abuse treatment, or other services.
      • When you complete the assessment, you will get a verification letter stating that you have completed the health assessment.
      • Send the original verification letter to the court. You must prove you completed the assessment if you don’t want to pay the fine. Please keep a copy for your records.
      • The court will waive the fine, but enter your conviction for the charge.
If you have questions, contact the court listed on the citation.

Law numbers involved in new PCS violations are:

ORS 475.752(3)(a)
ORS 475.752(3)(b) 
ORS 475.752(3)(c)
ORS 475.752(3)(d)
ORS 475.824
ORS 475.834
ORS 475.854
ORS 475.874
ORS 475.884
ORS 475.894