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Court Etiquette & Dress Code

Female juror on phoneCourtroom etiquette refers to how to dress and behave while in the courthouse whether you are a participant, a witness, a juror or a spectator.

Along with the etiquette information provided by Oregon Judicial Department please remember the following:

What NOT to wear or bring to court

  • Weapons - not allowed in the courthouse or court facilities
  • Caps and hats - must be removed upon entering the courtroom
  • Bare feet – shoes are required
  • Sunglasses
  • Revealing or abbreviated clothing such as shorts, tank or cropped tops, short skirts or dresses, or low-cut tops.
  • Strong perfume or cologne
  • Non-service animals
  • Do not wear clothing displaying vulgar or offensive language 

Additional Considerations for Jurors

Please dress comfortably, but also have respect for the important role you have as a juror.  As a juror you are the judge of the facts.  You won't be wearing a black robe, but you should dress like you are doing serious business.

Jurors often spend many hours together in close quarters.  Jurors should be respectful of their fellow jurors by reporting for service in clean clothes and without strong perfume or cologne.  Jurors are permitted to bring food and drinks, but may be required to store them before going into a courtroom.

Different rooms in the courthouse will vary in temperature.  Please dress in layers for your comfort.