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Juvenile Records Requests

ORS 419A.255 establishes a set of rules for providing individuals and/or agencies with copies (audio or otherwise) from juvenile (dependency and delinquency) cases.  The statute outlines which parties are allowed to inspect or obtain copies of certain materials from juvenile case files. 

Per ORS 419A.255, certain persons may have access to juvenile records upon request. Additionally, ORS 419A.255 requires the court to find “good cause” to release such copies.  

Josephine County has developed three forms that meet the criteria for such requests:

  • Juvenile Record Reqeuest - this form can be used when a qualifying person or agency is requesting case file paper copies from a juvenile case.

  • Juvenile Motion - FTR - this motion is required when any person or agency is requesting audio records from a juvenile case hearing.

  • Juvenile Other Entity Motion - this motion can be used when any party or agency would like to request to inspect or obtain copies (audio or paper) from a juvenile case. This motion is meant to be used by individuals or agencies that are not permitted by statute to have rights to copies of juvenile files.

Completed forms must be submitted to the court in one of the following ways:

  • Mailed (500 NW 6th Street Dept. 17 - Grants Pass, OR 97526)
  • Filed in person at the Family Court office (301 NW F Street - Grants Pass, OR 97526)
  • E-filed using OJD e-filing services (available at