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Co-Parenting Class

Josephine County Circuit Court Supplementary Local Court Rule (SLR 8.0.15) requires you to participate in a court-approved Co-Parenting Education Program if you are:

  • A party to a case establishing custody, paternity or parenting time;
  • A parent with minor children filing a divorce, separation or annulment;
  • A party filing a post-judgment motion involving custody or parenting time.

Josephine County Circuit Court has one approved local provider for the Co-Parenting Education Program. Classes are held locally in Grants Pass, Oregon and can be scheduled by contacting the provider at 541.660.8110

Online class attendance and/or a waiver of attendance is available upon a showing of good cause. Requests for online attendance or waiver of the class must be filed with the court. The form is available here (link to form) or can be obtained at the Josephine County Family Court at no cost.

The Notice of Co-Parenting Education Program(relink) is a document that is required to be attached to any Petition being filed with the Josephine County Circuit Court where custody and/or parenting time applies. The Notice can be found here (link to form) or is also available at no cost at Josephine County Family Court.

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