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Court Conduct

 What should I wear when appearing in court?

Casual business attire is appropriate. The court expects all in attendance to be dressed modestly and respectfully. Clothing with obscene images or slogans and/or abbreviated clothing such as shorts, tank tops or halter tops are not acceptable attire and will not be allowed in the courtroom. Hats must be removed prior to entering any courtroom. Please be mindful to avoid any strong perfumes or colognes. Such odors can cause individuals with allergies or respiratory conditions to have severe reactions.

Are weapons allowed in the courthouse?

No. No weapons of any kind are allowed anywhere in the courthouse. It is a Class C felony for any person to intentionally possess a weapon in a court facility (ORS 166.370). The Josephine County Sheriff enforces this prohibition against weapons. You will be required to pass through a security check in which anything that can be considered to be a weapon will be confiscated and will not be returned. All items brought in such as purses, backpacks, briefcases, etc. will be searched. Pocket knives, small keychain knives, Leatherman-type tools, box cutters, pepper spray/foam, knitting/crochet needles and scissors are examples of things that are considered to be weapons and will be confiscated. Concealed weapons permits do not apply to any court facility.