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Court Audio and Appeals


To serve a copy of a notice of appeal on the trial court administrator and the transcript coordinator for this court, under Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure 1.35(e), use the following email address:


The 15th Judicial District Courts consist of six independent courtrooms utilizing a state of the art digital recording system for the retention and archiving of courtroom proceedings. In each court, there is a computer and sound system which captures the audio from these proceedings and is stored electronically to digital compact disk media. A single CD has the capacity to hold approximately 16 hours of courtroom audio in FTR format. The court can provide audio recordings in native FTR format (which requires the ForThe Record player plus software and a windows compatible PC with sound and a CD-ROM drive free download ) or in Microsoft WMA format.  The court cannot assist you if you encounter problems with downloading or installing the FTR player software.  If you encounter any technical difficulties you will need to contact technical support at

Disk Capacity

FTR 5.4 Audio Format: Approx. 16 hours
Microsoft WMA format: Approx. 30 hours
To obtain additional information regarding this technology, go to the ForTheRecord web site. ForTheRecord also provides the free player software for listening to the audio as the native FTR format will not operate without the use of this software.   Microsoft WMA support is offered as an alternative option to parties that cannot access or operate the ForTheRecord software.  The court will not be responsible for technical support in the playback of this audio type.

Obtaining Courtroom Audio 

To obtain a copy of courtroom audio, contact the Courtroom Transcription Coordinator at
Coquille: 541.396.8372
Curry County: 541.373.6894
The cost per CD is $10.00 + shipping. In most cases, the CD will also include an electronic .html log of the proceeding that can be viewed in most modern web browsers. More information regarding this technology can be found at the ForTheRecord web site.

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