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Jury Orientation Videos

The statewide juror information page has two orientation videos for each new juror to view. Please watch both videos (Justice For All and Oregon Implicit Bias Training) before your jury service begins.

Jury Response

If you have received a jury summons and wish to respond online click on the button below to fill out the Online Juror Response Form.

 Fill Out Online Juror Response Form 

Jury Call-In

You can check and see if your juror number is called for the next day by clicking the button below to see the online jury schedule.
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Jury Information

You are exempt if you are not a citizen, if you are not a resident of Coos and or Curry County, or if you have been a juror within the previous 24 months. If you are seventy years old or older you will be excused upon your request. If you have a medical condition and you indicate that on your questionnaire, you will be excused. It is the policy of the Court that jurors are not excused from service due to their occupation. A shorter service period may be granted due to hardship created by jury service. If this is your first summons, you may request deferral to another month within one year from the date of the summons.
Jury trials are scheduled in the Coos County Courthouse at 250 North Baxter St. in Coquille (Curry County: Courthouse on Ellensburg Road). There is no designated parking for jurors. Since you may not have a break for several hours, it is wise to park where there is no posted time limit. The City of Coquille (Curry County: City of Gold Beach) regulates parking.
Trials are normally scheduled on Tuesdays through Fridays. The majority of trials are one or two days long. On average, you will be called 2 or 3 times during your term. Please call 541-396-8372 x 70031  (Curry County: 541-373-6894 x 27004) if you need to be excused for a medical appointment. If you listed an unavailable date on your questionnaire or provided one to the jury clerk you do not need to call the jury recording, otherwise we rely on you being available during your service period.
At the beginning of your service period, call the jury recording at 541-396-8372 x 25022  after 6:00 P.M. (Curry County: 541-373-6894 x 27015). Each day the recording will list juror numbers needed the following day and give the reporting time. It may state that no jurors are needed and to call back. If you have difficulty reaching the recording, call 541-396-8372 x 70031 between 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. (Curry County: 541-373-6894 x 27004 between 8 AM and 5 PM) When your number is called for the following day, plan on being available the entire day since you may be selected to sit on a trial.
If you have been convicted of a felony or served a felony sentence within the previous 15 years or been convicted of or served a sentence for a misdemeanor involving violence or dishonesty within the previous 5 years, you are not eligible to serve as a grand juror or on a criminal trial.  You may be called in for a civil case.  Complete and mail summons, call in as directed.
The court will provide ADA accommodations and assistive listening devices upon request.  Call 541-396-8372 x 70031 or TTY Oregon Relay Service 711 if you have special needs related to your ability to serve as a juror.
No weapons of any kind are allowed in the courthouse.  Please do not wear perfume or cologne.
Please ask the jury manager for a verification form if your employer requires verification of your jury service.  If you are paid a wage by your employer while you are a juror, you will not be paid a juror fee.  If you are not paid a wage, the State will pay you $10 per day for the first two days of service.  For the third and subsequent days you will be paid $25 per day.  You will submit your round trip mileage and be reimbursed 20 cents per mile.  You may choose to waive your juror fee and/or mileage and donate it to the Oregon Judicial Department Juror Access Improvement Account.  This is the form to be completed:
Please be aware that at no time will the court contact a juror by phone and ask for personal information such as your social security number, birth date or credit card information. If anyone contacts you by phone, identifying themselves as a jury coordinator or court personnel, requesting this information do not give it to them. Several States have reported scams of this very nature where individuals have identified themselves as court personnel. After identifying themselves in this manner they informed the individuals that they failed to appear for jury duty and a warrant has been issued for their arrest. They go on to explain that if person will provide them with their social security number, date of birth, and sometimes their credit card number they could clear up this misunderstanding. Individuals who have supplied this information became victims of "Identity Theft" .
Oregon law provides that an employer shall not discharge or threaten to discharge, intimidate, or coerce an employee by reason of the employee's service as a juror.  As of January 1, 2012, the law also provides protections related to leave and continuing insurance coverage.  View the Juror Employment Protection Information document.