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Court Records

Public Records RequestCourt Records Requests

Court records that are not confidential or sealed are available to the public. Court staff is responsible for maintaining all documents in the local court files and assists the public with requests for copies of court documents. Record requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis.

Documents in newer court cases can be reviewed using the kiosk computers in the court house lobby. Older case files that have not been digitized can be reviewed by requesting the file be retrieved.

Adoption and Juvenile cases are confidential. Access to these cases is limited. For information about requesting copies from an Adoption case, go to our Adoption information page.

Obtaining Access


To obtain access to a court file you will need submit a request. 

Court staff will calculate the total cost after the request is made. If copies are being mailed, postage costs will be added. All fees must be paid in full before any copies will be made.

Audio CopiesAudio Copies of Court Proceedings Requests

Copies of audio recordings will be electronically transferred using digital technology through a secure website. The court uses a digital recording system called “For The Record” (FTR), which is a proprietary system. To play the recordings you will need the free FTR Player which can be downloaded from (At this time FTR software is not Apple compatible.)

Difference between copies.

Difference between Copies, Certified Copies, and Exemplified Copies

  • Copies are electronic images (TIFF, PDF) or photocopies of any document in the file or an audio recording.
  • Certified Copies are photocopies of a filed document in its entirety (everything within a staple) that is sworn to be a true copy by a Court Clerk. The certified copy should not be taken apart. If the staple is removed the certification becomes invalid.
  • Exemplified Copy, also called a 3-Way Certificate, is a photocopy of a pleading in its entirety that’s authenticity is sworn to by the Trial Court Administrator. The signature of the Trial Court Administrator is sworn to by the Presiding Judge then the Trial Court Administrator swears to the authenticity of the Judge’s signature. These copies are often required by other states and countries when copies are being submitted for filing in their local court. It takes two to three additional days to process an exemplified copy request.

A transcript is a typed copy of the Court’s audio record. A transcript is prepared by an independent transcriptionist. The transcript is made from the recording of the Court event. In-Chambers discussions and Settlement Conferences are not recorded. Except where the transcript is ordered by the State, the cost of preparation must be paid in advance by the requesting party. Those payment arrangements are made directly between the requestor and the transcriptionist. Please contact Malheur County’s Transcript Coordinator: Rose Bolyard 541-473-5171 or email Transcript fees costs are set pursuant to ORS 21.345.

Transcript preparation is a lengthy process. Advance notice is essential.