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Juror Resources

Juror Orientationjurors in a courtroom

We conduct a short juror orientation to provide detailed instruction on your duties and the juror orientation videos are watched. Summoned jurors will report to the courthouse on the day and time specified on the jury recording for juror orientation.


​​You are eligible if:

  • You live in [County], are a U.S. citizen, and are at least 18 years of age.
You are NOT eligible if:
  • You have reported for jury duty in a state or federal court in Oregon within the previous 24 months, even if you were not called to a courtroom or selected for jury duty.
  • You have been convicted of a felony and on the day you are to report for jury duty, you are 1) in state prison, or 2) in county jail as a condition of a suspended sentence.
If you are not eligible to be a juror for one of these reasons, you should check the appropriate box in on the Jury eResponse Questionaire.
Oregon law provides that “the opportunity for jury service shall not be denied or limited on the basis of race, national origin, gender, age, religious belief, income, occupation, or any other factor that discriminates against a cognizable group in this state.” A person who is blind, hearing or speech impaired or physically disabled shall not be ineligible to act as a juror, or be excluded from a juror list because of their impairment. 

​In Malheur County, your term of service is one month.  It is important that you complete the juror response prior to your orientation date.  ​

The Oregon Legislature sets compensation for jury duty. Unless otherwise provided by the terms of an employment agreement, under ORS 10.061(3), a juror must waive the juror fee if the juror's employer pays the juror a wage or salary for the day(s) of jury service. Jurors are entitled to:
  • Days 1 and 2 - $10 per day
  • Day 3 and any subsequent day served - $25 per day

Parking is limited. Places available for parking are in front of the courthouse and in the parking lot behind the courthouse (across the street from the courthouse). Do not park in the parking lot directly behind the courthouse, it is marked for county cars only. Do not park in restricted areas, reserved parking spots, private lots, or tow-away zones.

Where to Report
Please go to the second (2nd) floor of the Malheur County Courthouse.  The address is:  251 B Street West, Vale, Oregon  97918.

When to Report and the Typical Daily Schedule
You must check in on the 2nd floor at the time given on the jury recording for your service date.  There will be an orientation, and then after that jurors may be called for the voir dire process.  The schedule for a trial, including breaks, will be set by the judge.  

Prohibited Items
Do not bring cell phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, cameras, recording devices of any type, any type of weapons, pocket knives, scissors and chemical sprays.

​Jury Duty is a civic duty of each citizen. If someone fails to respond to jury summons, the court may hold the person in contempt. Similarly, a person who fails to complete jury service without first getting permission from the court may be punished for contempt. If you receive a summons but cannot comply with the summons, you must follow the procedures to be excused or deferred by the court. Additional information is also available at Juror Handbook on the Oregon State Bar website.​

​Oregon law provides that an employer shall not discharge or threaten to discharge, intimidate​, or coerce an employee by reason of the employee's service as a juror. ​

Contact the Malheur County Circuit Court Jury Coordinator or ADA Coordinator as soon as possible after receiving your summons. 

Jury Coordinator
541-473-5173 (M-F 8-4:30pm)

​Malheur County ADA Coordinator