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Treatment Courts

Klamath County Circuit Court offers several specialty court programs to meet specific needs of the community. Specialty courts are managed by team of justice system and community partners, led by a judge, working together to provide wrap-around services to help participants improve their health and avoid future criminal charges. In general, eligibility for these programs requires Klamath County residency and District Attorney’s Office approval.

The Adult Drug Court (ADC) program is a voluntary four phase program lasting a minimum of one year. The ADC provides intensive court monitoring of participants with diagnosed substance use conditions. ADC program participants undergo clinically prescribed individual treatment programs, consisting of individual and group counseling, frequent drug testing, attendance in support and skills groups, and regular court appearances. The goal of the program is to promote participants’ successful completion of prescribed treatment and life skills programs through the accountability provided by the Court. Successful participants are able to move forward in life free of the health, social, and criminal problems caused by substance use. Most criminal charges and ordered probations are dismissed upon program graduation.

The Behavioral Intervention Court (BIC) is a specialized mental health treatment court, designed to increase access to and engagement in treatment and to reduce criminal activity by persons with a qualifying mental health diagnosis. Participants are required to fully engage in individually prescribed treatment and supportive services and regularly report to the judge. A program goal is to assist participants in achieving stability and the most trouble free lives possible. Success in BIC may result in a reduction to the length of participants’ probationary periods or participants may avoid conviction on deferred charges.

“One judge, one family” is the Family Court philosophy. The Family Court is a voluntary program for parents who are involved with the Court because their children are in the custody of Department of Human Resources – Child Welfare, and who also have criminal charges associated with their children. Family Court participants access a full range of treatment and social services designed to correct the problems which led to Child Welfare agency involvement. An important Family Court goal is to safely reunite children with their families at the earliest opportunity. Program participants regularly report to the judge for progress monitoring. In most cases, successful completion of Family Court will result in dismissal of criminal charges.

The Klamath County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) is a voluntary, five phase program taking 12 to 18 months to complete. Available exclusively to persons who have previously served or are currently serving in the U.S. armed forces, the VTC connects its veteran participants with all earned and necessary U.S. Veterans Administration health care and benefits. Veteran participants undergo a full benefit review to ensure receipt of all eligible benefits. A veteran peer mentor is assigned to each veteran participant to assist with program completion. As with all Klamath County specialty court programs, participants will report regularly to the judge who will encourage positive progress or respond to compliance problems as indicated. Program goals include restoration of health, wellness, and honor for the veteran participant. A variety of charge reduction or dismissal options are used in the Klamath County Veterans Treatment Court. A screening questionnaire to verify veteran status is in our forms page.

Please discuss these specialty court programs with an attorney to determine whether any might be an appropriate option for your matter. For general questions about specialty court programs please contact Steve Tillson, Treatment Court Coordinator at 541.883.5503 x263, or Cecilia Britton, Treatment Court Specialist at 541.883.5503 x237,

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