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Drug Court

The Hood River County Drug Court Program has been developed to help participants achieve total abstinence from substance abuse /dependency and illegal drug use. The program is designed to promote self-sufficiency and to return participants to the community as a productive and responsible citizen. The program is voluntary and is a personal choice. The Drug Court Team is present to guide and assist you, but the final responsibility is the participants. You must be motivated to make this change and commit to a drug and alcohol free life.

The program involves working with the court, treatment providers, probation officer, your attorney, DHS and other team members, all dedicated to your recovery, for a minimum of one year. In exchange for compliance with the conditions of the program and successful graduation, your probation may be terminated and your charge(s) may be dismissed.

It is important that you understand the long-term commitment involved in this program. You will be involved with AA and NA meetings, attend outpatient treatment group and individual sessions with your treatment provider, check in with your probation officer weekly, attend office visits with the coordinator as directed, make regular court appearances, submit to random drug testing, and be either working a job and/or attending school before graduation. The Drug Court Team will be working with you towards successful completion of the program, but the choice and effort to become drug and alcohol free comes from you.