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Information, Guidelines and Tips for Criminal "A" and "B" Dockets

For questions regarding the folloing information, please contact the Criminal Unit at 503-655-8643 x 1 or by email at 

A and B Morning Dockets

Matters handled on these dockets are Case Managers, uncontested Probation Violation Hearings, Pleas, Sentencings, Diversion Entries, and Appearance Resets. 

Attorney Courtroom Assignment

All of your matters will be assigned to one courtroom. Calendaring for A and B Docket will be based on the last name of the attorney (not the client). Plan to remain in the courtroom until all of your cases have been completed.

Docket Start Times

  • The morning dockets start at 8:30 a.m. / 10:00 a.m.
  • Please appear 15 minutes before these times and check in with the Deputy District Attorney.
  • Once you know how you will be moving forward with the case, please check in with the courtroom clerk/Bailiff.
  • If setting future dates, please arrange them with the Bailiff before the docket begins.

Criminal Short Hearing Docket

The 1:30 pm Criminal Short Hearings Docket is reserved for matters too lengthy to be handled during the morning docket.

  • Mon – Thurs - 1:30
    • Complex hearings:
      • Multiple Count (4+)
      • Open Sentencings
      • Extensive statements or arguments under 30 minutes (please contact the Criminal Unit for hearings requiring more than 30 minutes)
    • Out-of-custody Modifications of Release/Security
    • Out-of-custody Lift No-Contact Order Hearings
  • Tuesdays / Thursdays - 1:30
    • Contested Parole Violation Hearings
    • Contested Diversion Revocation Hearings
  • Monday / Wednesday - 1:30
    • Contested Restitution Hearings

In-Custody Probation Violation (PV) Hearings

  • In-custody PV hearings will be scheduled within 5-7 days of arraignment and, if stipulated, will be resolved at the first setting.
  •  A probation officer will not be present at the first setting. If you wish to discuss the case with the probation officer, you will need to contact them by email or telephone.
  • CIDC Attorney appointments will be automatically made at arraignment and the defense attorney will be notified by email of their appointment within 24 hours.
  • If the PV hearing is contested, it will be reset to the following week on Tuesday or Thursday at 1:30 p.m.
  • If you know in advance of the first hearing that this will be a contested hearing, call the Criminal Unit to reschedule the initial appearance to a Criminal Short Docket (Tuesday or Thursday at 1:30 p.m.).

Trial and Hearings Set at the Same Time

If an attorney will be appearing in a trial and the attorney has additional hearing(s) set in other cases, the attorney will need to reset the hearing(s) to a different date.  The trial needs to be ready to begin as close to 9:00 a.m. as possible.

Uniform Criminal Judgement (UCJ)

The UCJ is created live in court at sentencing in most cases in Clackamas County. A copy will be provided to parties for review during the court session. 

Add-On Cases

If the defendant has other cases and you want them to track together, or if you need any cases added to a docket, you must notify the Criminal Unit by 11:00 am the day prior to the hearing in order for the case to make the docket. 

The following matters will continue to be done on paper:  

  • Contempt of Court
  • Diversion
  • Probation Violation
  • Support Enforcement
Required Documents

The Court has carbonless/NCR Plea Petitions available at the courthouse. Alternatively, you can use this fillable Plea Petition. If you are using this fillable form, please make three (3) copies to distribute as follows:
  • One to the Deputy District Attorney;
  • One for the defense attorney; and,
  • One for the defendant.
Note: If referencing the UCJ Worksheet in the Plea Petition, and sentencing is to occur at a later date, there must be a UCJ Worksheet attached as referenced and submitted at entry of plea.  At sentencing two copies will still be needed to be provided to the judge and criminal clerk as well. 

  • At the time of sentencing, the defense attorney is required to submit a UCJ Worksheet to the judge and criminal clerk. Carbonless/NCR forms are available at the courthouse. 
  • The attorney shall fill out all conditions that are stipulated. Anything that is not agreed upon, should be left blank.  
  • A separate sheet must be filled out for each count.  
  • In the courtroom, a copy of this form must be provided to both the judge and the criminal clerk.