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Restitution Court

Restitution court is a result of the combined efforts of the Clackamas County Community Corrections, Clackamas County Circuit Court, and the Clackamas County District Attorney’s Office with the goal of better enforcing court orders so that more crime victims receive compensation. Court ordered restitution and compensatory fines are paid by the defendant to the court, which then distributes that money to the crime victim. The court or probation officer may establish a minimum monthly payment plan. In Clackamas County, if no payments are made, or the defendant falls behind on payments, he or she will be ordered to appear in Restitution Court.
Restitution Court provides structure and supervision of defendants who are not making payments or have fallen behind on payments. If ordered to appear in Restitution Court, the defendant will meet with the probation officer or criminal restitution clerk prior to the hearing. The probation officer will work with the defendant on such issues as finding work, creating budgets, reducing unneeded expenditures and locating assets that can be converted to cash in order to make restitution payments.


A victim will receive a check once the court receives a payment on the case in which restitution was ordered. If the court does not receive a payment on the case a check cannot be issued to a victim.

If you have information regarding a defendant you can provide that information to the Probation Officer or to the court.  If you provide the information to the court we will forward the information to the Probation Officer.

If you changed your name please use the Proof of Address Declaration and bring or mail the form to the court house. If your name was incorrectly listed on the money judgment/award then you will need to contact the District Attorney’s Office and request a correction.

It may be that you moved or changed your mailing address and you did not notify the court. To change your address by mail please use the Proof of Address Declaration and bring or mail the form to the court house.

If the court determines that the defendant has the ability to pay while in prison the court may request a garnishment unless the court has ordered that payments start after prison.

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