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Local Remote Hearings

Image of remote meeting on a computerGeneral Information

Some hearings are held with one or more parties not physically present in the courtroom.  If the remote hearing is eligible for public viewing, it will be live-streamed through Webex Events (the software Oregon’s state courts use for this purpose). When available, live streaming allows the public to join and view and/or listen to these hearings from a computer, mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet), or phone (subject to some limitations). Many remote hearings may also be available to view at a court facility. Contact the court with any questions on how to access a remote hearing.  Clackamas County is not currently live-streaming Webex Events.  To view a hearing, whether remote or not, please come to the courthouse. 

If you are a defendant or party to a case, the Litigant Guide provides more information. There are also guides for the general public, witnesses, and attorneys.

For additional information about how the court is responding to the Coronavirus, and to view current judicial order related to remote hearings, please see the following:  

 Receiving Notice of a Remote Hearing

When you are scheduled for a remote hearing, you will receive the link to join that hearing through a hearing notice and/or an email from the court or Webex.   Please refer to the Remote Hearing Document guides on this page for more information on remote hearings.

 Information for Case Participants

Case participants are persons (litigants or defendants) who are parties in a case with pending matters to be resolved. When a case is scheduled for a remote hearing, some or all the participants, including attorneys and witnesses, may be required to appear via remote means. The court uses Webex to host these remote hearings and will provide case participants with the link to join the hearing. See our Litigant Guide for more information on preparing for and accessing your scheduled remote hearing.

If you have exhibits that you need to submit for a hearing they can be eFiled through File & Serve (see guide above), or alternately, contact the staff assigned to the judge who will be hearing your case to determine how he or she would prefer that the exhibits be submitted.  If you are unsure which judge is assigned to your case, please contact the Calendaring Unit for assistance.  

Remote Hearing Contacts and Information

For questions regarding your remote hearing, please contact the court as follows:

Technical Questions and to Schedule a Test Connection:

Remote Hearing Questions:
Criminal Remote Hearings

Phone:  503.655.8447 (select option 3) or 503.655.8643 (select option 1)

Landlord Tenant Remote Hearings 
Phone:  503.655.8447 (select option 6) or 503.655.8453 
Phone:   503.655.8447 (select option 4)

All Other Remote Hearings

Phone: 503.655.8447 (select option 3) or 503.655.8643 (select option 2)

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