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Conditionally Approved

No – only a judge may qualify an interpreter, and it is only for a specific, one time matter. If an interpreter has not earned either the Certified or Registered Court Interpreter Credential, it is best practice to qualify the interpreter by asking questions to garner their experience and qualifications to proceed as an interpreter for the pending matter.​

Being Conditionally Approved means an interpreter has completed an experience interview provided by Court Language Access Services, has completed a LEDS criminal history check in the state of Oregon, and has granted or denied Court Language Access Services consent to release their information to parties outside of Court Language Access Services.

No – being Conditionally Approved is not a credential, there is no language assessment or interpreting evaluation. It just means someone has passed a LEDS background check which is required for assignments to interpret in the Oregon Courts.​

No- only interpreters who have been Certified or Registered by the Oregon Judicial Department will appear on the public roster of interpreters. All Conditionally Approved interpreters will be listed on the internal Court Language Access Services (CLAS) roster. If a Conditionally Approved interpreter has given CLAS their consent to release their information to parties outside of the OJD, then CLAS will use the internal roster when an outside party is looking for an interpreter.​

​Due to the number of available Certified Spanish interpreters, CLAS does not offer the Conditionally Approved status to Spanish interpreters.

No – a Registered interpreter has completed all of the necessary steps and evaluations to earn the Oregon Registered Court Interpreter Credential. An interpreter who has been Conditionally Approved has only passed a criminal LEDS history check, and signed a consent release form. Being Registered means that an interpreter has earned a credential, being Conditionally Approved is merely a status.​

Email if you are interested in becoming a Conditionally Approved Interpreter for the Oregon Courts.