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Case Participant Resources

The Oregon State Court system has many different participants. Case participants are called by many different names. Names such as victim, witness, juror, or defendant may be familiar to you. Names such as plaintiff, petitioner, or respondent may be new to you. The information and resources on this webpage will assist you in navigating the court as a case participant. 

​​Information about the court’s location, hours, phone number, directions, and parking can be found on the court’s specific webpages.

The Oregon State Court system has 36 circuit courts, a tax court, an appellate court, and the Oregon Supreme Court. Each court may have specific rules that explain how to dress and act in court.

Information for each court can be found on the court’s specific webpages.

Case participants should wear clothing that is clean. Clothing should not display foul language, insults, or other negative words.

Uniform Trial Court Rule 3.010:

  1. All persons attending the court must be dressed so as not to detract from the dignity of court. Members of the public not dressed in accordance with this rule may be removed from the courtroom.
  2. When appearing in court, all attorneys and court officials must wear appropriate attire.

The courthouse is a public place of respect and safety. Respect the judge, court staff, and everyone else in the courtroom, including jurors, witnesses, and the public. Specific rules can be found in Uniform Trial Court Rule Chapter 3.

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