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Pursuant to Presiding Judge Order 2020-07, beginning March 30, 2020 and continuing until further order of the court, the court has reduced in-person business hours at our public counters to Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm, with the exception of protective order applications (Family Abuse Prevention Act, Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities Abuse Prevention Act, Sex Abuse Protective Orders, Emergency Risk Protection Orders) which can be filed in person Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am to 10:30 am.
Phones hours are reduced to Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm.
Please Contact Us by Email:    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many court employees are working remotely.  If you need assistance please email us at one of the addresses below.  Court filings will not be accepted via email. 

*Note:  The Family Law Self Help Program email is to be used by self represented litigants only.
Probate on a folder

Probate Department

Phone for Information/Inquiries:
503.655.8447 Option 4

Probate Department Email

Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays:

Public Counter:  9 am – 4pm

Phone:  9am - 4pm


807 Main Street, Room 104
Oregon City, Oregon 97045

The Probate Department in Clackamas County handles all estate, protective proceeding, and trust cases, as well as requests for name and/or sex change.

An estate case (“probate”) is the method by which the property of a deceased person is transferred to others after locating assets and paying debts. Sometimes, property can be transferred without a full probate estate proceeding through what is called an “Affidavit of Claiming Successor” or “Small Estate Affidavit.” Depending on the circumstances of the decedent (deceased person), you may have the option of filing the Small Estate rather than the full estate. Court staff is not permitted to offer you advice on which option applies to the circumstances of the decedent. A licensed attorney is the best resource for helping you determine the right course of action.

A protective proceeding is similar to an estate case, but is used for a living person who can no longer manage their medical or financial decision-making. If you think a family member or friend is in need of a protective proceeding, the Court strongly encourages you to work with an attorney.

If you are seeking to change your name and/or sex, or the name of a minor, please refer to our Forms section where you will find instructions and forms that may assist you in pursuing your request for a change.

Below you will find answers to some of the Probate Department’s most frequently-asked questions.

Additional Resources

Listed below are links to educational materials that may be of assistance to you:

  • Oregon State Bar
    • Telephone: 503.620.0222, Toll-free in Oregon 1.800.452.8260
    • Legal Links
    • What is Probate?
    • Wills, Trusts and Elder Law Resource Page
    • Lawyer Referral Service and Modest Means Programs This service can also be reached by calling 503.684.3763 or toll-free in Oregon 1.800.452.7636.
  • Oregon Law Help
    Free legal information for low-income Oregonians, including information on family law and protection from abuse.

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