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Criminal Fines and Fees

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Accounting Unit
Phone: 503.655.8453

Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays:

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9 am – 4pm

Phone:  8 am - 4pm


807 Main Street, Room 104
Oregon City, Oregon 97045

Court Appointed Attorney Fees

If you applied and received court appointed attorney you may have been charged a $20.00 application fee and a “contribution” amount that will vary based on the individuals financial eligibility and case type. Click on how to apply for court appointed attorney for detailed instructions

Set Aside and Sealed or Expungement Fee

To have your criminal record “Set Aside and Sealed” or your juvenile record “Expunged” you must pay a filing fee for each case or you may apply for a fee deferral/waiver. For filing fees, please see the Oregon Judicial Department State Court Filing and Other Fees.  For detailed set aside and sealed or expungement instructions, please go to the Criminal Miscellaneous Forms page.  

Bench Probation

A one-time fee of $100.00 will be added the case when a person is converted (moved) from formal probation (with a probation officer) to bench probation (reporting to a Judge).


If you discover that a warrant has been issued for your arrest you may check with any law enforcement office or check with the Warrants office at 503.655.8820. If you have retained an attorney, you should contact your attorney.

Payments to Corrections

The court does not accept payments for the Clackamas County Corrections. 

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