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Security Release (Bail)

​In Clackamas County, the Presiding Judge and various other agencies have set security release (bail) amounts for all charges. At any time, the court may increase or decrease the amount of security release.

If you Post 100% of the amount ordered this is known as “Security.”
If you Post 10% of the “Security” this is known as “Security Release.”

  • ​​The court will automatically keep 15% of the security release posted, not less than $5.00 and not more than $750.00.
  • The court will, unless otherwise ordered apply the security release deposit to:
    • Child support arrears
    • Money owed on the case that the money was posted
    • Any other court ordered judgment
  • If the defendant fails to appear at the next scheduled court hearing the court may:
    • Order forfeiture of the entire security release (10% of the security), AND
    • Order a security judgment for the full amount 
Example: Judge orders $10,000 security (100%). Person posts Security Release amount is $1,000 (10% of security) to secure the release of the defendant.

If the defendant fails to appear at the next court hearing and the court orders forfeiture of security release this means the entire $1,000 is forfeited.  The court may also order a security judgment in the amount of $10,000 and may order the payee or the defendant be responsible for the debt.

​When posting security or security release you must have the exact cash amount. The Clackamas County Jail DOES NOT ACCEPT personal checks, money orders, cashier's checks, traveler's checks, credit cards, debit cards or coins.

Persons posting bail have three options available to them:
  1. Post 100% of the amount ordered (Security)
  2. Post 10% of the Security (Security Release)
  3. Post a portion and the adult in custody posting the remainder. Both the person and the adult in custody will receive a receipt for bail posted.
  4. Deposit money into the adult “in custody” account.  A receipt will be provided for the deposit; however, this is NOT a receipt for Bail/Security Release. 
Detailed instructions for posting security release (bail) at the Clackamas County Jail may be found at the following link: