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In any civil action, suit or proceeding other than a protective proceeding or a probate, adoption or change of name proceeding, trials fees shall be collected.

  • The amount of the fee for the first day of trial shall be collected in advance and is due and payable when the action, suit or proceeding is set for trial. 

  • ​The amount of the fee for subsequent days of trial shall be collected on the day the trial concludes. ORS 21.225

​Settlement conferences are mandatory for all civil cases excluding foreclosures. The following parties must be personally present at the settlement conference unless excused in advance by the Court for good cause:

  1. The parties
  2. The trial attorneys
  3. The insurance company representatives​
    • ​An insured party may appear by such party’s trial counsel and insurance carrier.
    • Failure to comply with any of the above may result in sanctions being imposed, including an award of attorney fees.

Settlement conferences for domestic relations cases may be requested. It is required that both parties be represented by counsel and both parties must join in requesting that a settlement conference be scheduled. 

All information regarding custody, support, parenting and distribution of assets must be exchanged at least one day prior to the scheduled conference.

A settlement conference fee of $223.00 per participant on all civil cases and $111.00 per participant on all domestic relations cases must be paid prior to the commencement of the settlement conference.​

Example of how to calculate fees due: 
Fees Calculation.JPG

​All refunds and overpayments (that exceed $5) will be in the form of a state issued check and may take up to 30 days after monies have been received by the court.

Trial Fees: A refund of trial fees may be refunded to the party that paid the fee if all claims in the action or proceeding are decided without the commencement of a trial and the party that paid the fee files a motion and affidavit requesting refund of the fee not more than 15 days after entry of judgment disposing of the action or proceeding. ORS 21.225

​You may come to the courthouse with a state or federally issued photo identification showing your current mailing address. To change your address by mail please use the Proof of Address Declaration​ and bring or mail the form to the court house.

​A request for a waiver or deferral of a fee needs to be submitted for review by a collection clerk, room 104, 807 Main Street, Oregon City, Oregon, before 11:30am on the same day that you are filing your court documents.

If the collection clerk is unable to order a fee waiver or deferral then your request may be reviewed by a judge who will make the decision on your request for a fee waiver or fee deferral. These matters are called ex-parte and are heard by a judge once a day, Monday through Friday at 1:00 pm.​

​ORS 293.293(2) allows trust amounts of $10,000 or more to be transferred into an interest-bearing account pending the outcome of a court action if:

  1. ​A motion has been filed; and

If you are tendering funds for transfer to an interest-bearing account with the court, you must file the necessary paperwork with the Court Finance Supervisor to ensure that your funds receive interest due. Please bring a copy of the signed order along with the funds to the Court Finance Supervisor. This will ensure that funds are tendered and your case is appropriately monitored. Do not process this transaction with the court cashier. 

The release and disbursement of funds from an interest-bearing account must have a motion and signed order. Please identify the requested amount to be disbursed and if the funds will be disbursed from the principal and/or from accrued interest.

​The Court offers free and easy ways for debtors to make monthly payments to the Court using a Visa or MasterCard, or Discover debit or credit card. Establishing a recurring payment plan eliminates the call to the court each month to make your monthly payments. There is no monthly transaction fee or sign up cost. 

To sign up for a recurring payment plan pick up an authorization form, complete it and return the form to the Court either in person or by mail. The form may be picked up at the Court or is available online on our website at​

For questions, please contact the court at 503-655-8447, option 6, and let the clerk know you are calling about the “recurring payment plan.”