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Family Law Mediation

Mediation can help families resolve disputes and reach agreements about some or all of the issues involved in their family law court case. Mediation can reduce the likelihood that a trial will be necessary or reduce the number of things to deal with in a trial. Mediation helps keep decisions about what is best for children in the hands of the parents, instead of lawyers or judges who do not know the family. This gives the parents more control over the case and the outcome.

In Clackamas County some form of dispute resolution is required when any of the following issues are contested in a family law case:  child custody, parenting time or visitation issues (other than enforcement), spousal support, and allocation of assets or debts (Supplementary Local Rule 8.017)

Parties will be referred to Clackamas County Resolution Services (CCRS) in Oregon City for mediation. They will notify the court once you’ve completed this requirement.

Compliance with Alternative Dispute Resolution Requirement

If parties select a different form of appropriate dispute resolution, they must file a Certificate of Required Dispute Resolution with the court at least 7 business days prior to the scheduled court trial or hearing date.

Request for Waiver of Mediation Requirement

In some circumstances, parties may be exempt from this requirement. Parties who feel they’re exempt (there is an active criminal no-contact order or protective order in place between the parties), or otherwise have good cause to request a waiver of this requirement, must file a Motion with supporting Declaration, and proposed Order Re: Waiver of Mediation with the court within 14 days of receiving a Notice and Order for Mediation from the court.