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Proposed changes to the Uniform Trial Court Rules (UTCR) and Supplementary Local Rules (SLR) are reviewed annually by the UTCR Committee.  The committee makes recommendations to approve, disapprove or modify these proposals.  After considering these recommendations, the Chief Justice or the entire Supreme Court, reaches a final decision on whether to approve or disapprove a proposed change.

The UTCR Committee meets twice per year. The annual fall meeting is the only time the Committee accepts proposals for changes to the UTCR. After reviewing each proposal, the Committee makes preliminary recommendations that are posted on the UTCR webpage to solicit public comment. The Committee reviews these public comments and makes final recommendations at the annual spring meeting.
The Committee also reviews all SLR at the fall meeting. Unless disapproved, these SLR become effective on February 1 of each year.
Anyone may submit proposals to the UTCR Committee for consideration. If you wish to do so, please fully explain the problem you wish to solve and prepare specific wording for the Committee to consider. You should plan on attending the meeting to explain the proposal and answer any questions the Committee may have. Please submit your proposal to the UTCR Reporter by September 1.
  • Lifecycle image​​​Jan. 1 - SLR - Certified final hard and electronic version of SLR due in the Office of the State Court Administrator
  • Early Jan - UTCR - Proposed UTCR changes posted on the Oregon Judicial Department website for public comment.​
  • Feb. 1 - SLR - SLR that have not been disapproved become effective. UTCR 1.050(2)(d).
  • April - UTCR - UTCR Committee meets to review public comment and make recommendations on proposed UTCR changes.​
  • By June 13 - UTCR - Chief Justice Order adopting final UTCR with changes must be posted on the Oregon Judicial Department website.
  • July 14 - SLR - Last day for judicial districts to give written notice of proposed SLR changes to local bar president. UTCR 1.050(2)(a).​
  • Aug. 1 - UTCR - Proposed changes to UTCR become effective. UTCR 1.020(2).​
  • Sept. 1 - SLR - Proposed SLR must be received by the State Court Administrator. UTCR 1.050(2)(b).
  • Oct. - SLR & UTCR - UTCR Committee meets to review proposed SLR and UTCR and makes recommendations.​
  • Late Nov. - SLR - Memo to judicial districts regarding SLR recommendations made by the UTCR Committee.​
  • Late Nov. to early Dec. - SLR - Negotiations regarding SLR recommendations made by the UTCR Committee.​
  • Dec. 15 - SLR - Chief Justice must exercise any disapprovals of proposed SLR by this date. UTCR 1.050(2)(c).​ 

Stephen K. Bushong
Judge, Multnomah County Circuit Court


Dominic Campanella, Committee Chair
Attorney, Medford


Bryan B. Francesconi
Attorney, Portland


​​​ Noah Gord​on
Attorney, Portland


W. Eugene Hallman
Attorney, Pendleton


David G. Hoppe
Judge, Jackson County Circuit Court


Jeffrey A. Howes
Attorney, Portland


Lung S. Hung
Judge, Malheur County Circuit Court


Peter Klym
Attorney, Salem


Randy Miller
Judge, Deschutes County Circuit Court


Richard Moellmer
Trial Court Administrator,
​Washington County Circuit Court


Ramón A. Pagán
Judge, Washington County Circuit Court


Shelly K. Perkins
Attorney, Clackamas


Charles M. Zennaché
Judge, Lane County Circuit Court


​The UTCR Reporter performs administrative functions on behalf of the UTCR Committee and is the most appropriate way to communicate with the committee. The Reporter may be contacted at or by mail or phone at:


UTCR Reporter
Office of the State Court Administrator
1163 State Street
Salem, OR 97301-2563
Phone: 503.986.5500
Oregon Relay Service 711