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​​Oregon Judicial Department's Intro to the Courts of Oregon

Criminal Justice System Flowchart  Simple chart of stages in Oregon's criminal justice process from arrest through parole. Outlines sources of decision making authority at each stage.
Bureau of Justice Flowchart of Criminal Justice System: Complex chart that summarizes common events in the criminal and juvenile justice systems, including entry into the criminal justice system, prosecution and pretrial services, adjudication, sentencing and sanctions, and corrections.
Oregon Judicial Department Juror Information: Information for jurors, employers, and the public about Oregon’s jury system and jury service, including: 
  • how courts summon, choose and pay jurors;
  • how courts accommodate jurors who have schedule conflicts or a disability;
  • how jurors do their work;
  • types of cases jurors decide;
  • court efforts to improve jury service;
  • what happens before, during, and after a trial;
  • a glossary of terms jurors may hear or read about during jury service.

Handbook for Jurors: Written by the Oregon State Bar to help you better understand jury service in state courts. Designed to supplement juror orientation in each judicial district.

Understanding Police Procedures If You are Stopped by Police: Published by the Portland Police Bureau.​ 

​​Oregon Judicial Department Self-Help Page: Links to resources for users who want to learn more about the law and courts or who want to represent themselves in a legal matter. The self-help information is not legal advice. Oregon law prevents us from offering legal advice to the public.

Oregon State Bar Legal Links: Information on many areas of Oregon law.
Oregon Judicial Department Family Law Section: Information and resources on family law, including parenting plan information and family law forms.
Family Help in Oregon: Links to many schools, programs, and services in Oregon, including but not limited to legal matters.
For links to Oregon statutes and rules, see Rules; for Oregon appellate court opinions, see Opinions; for other legal research information, see Reference.
When Your Teen Is in Trouble with the Law: Although not specific to Oregon, Focus Adolescent Services provides practical advice and information about juvenile-related legal problems.
Youth Faces the Law: A Juvenile Rights Handbook:  Created by the Pro Bono Committee of the Multnomah Bar Association - Young Lawyers Section, Spring 2002. Provides brief overview of selected areas of the law affecting youth.​ 

​​Oregon's Racial/Ethnic Demographics, 2001 Adobe PDF icon Compilation of data from the U.S. Census 2001 Supplement.

The Color of Justice (PDF): Racial and Ethnic Disparity in State Prisons: A report by The Sentencing Project that documents the rates of incarceration for whites, African Americans, and Hispanics for each state.

Cultural Profiles Project: University of Toronto website with information about cultures many different countries.

​​Women Offenders: Programming Needs and Promising Approaches: August 1998) Part of the National Institute of Justice Research in Brief Series. Finds that women offenders are more likely to be primary caregivers for their children, victims of sexual and physical abuse, and drug abusers. Discusses innovative programs targeted at women offenders.

American Bar Association: Commission on Women in the Profession

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