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Become a Volunteer

Hands raisingThere are several steps that must be completed prior to being appointed to the local CRB.  The process can take up to six months, depending on the needs of your county, the training schedule, and your availability.




  1. You submit an application.
  2. The Volunteer Coordinator performs the criminal history and court records check and forwards the application to the local Field Manager.
  3. The Field Manager will contact you to schedule an Interview.
  4. The Field Manager will schedule time for you to observe CRB reviews.
  5. The Field Manager will notify you of opportunities to observe juvenile court.
  6. You will complete the four hours on online pre-orientation eModules prior to attending the 12 hour in-person portion of the orientation training.
  7. The Volunteer Coordinator requests your appointment from the local presiding judge or their designee.
  8. The Chief Justice approves the appointment.
  9. The Field Manager will schedule an opportunity for you to be sworn in at your local court.

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