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Text Messaging - Terms and Conditions

This consent allows the Oregon Judicial Department to send you text message hearing reminders for your Oregon circuit court cases. This does not include cases before any federal court, the Oregon Court of Appeals, the Oregon Supreme Court, local justice or municipal courts, or administrative hearings. 

This consent may affect other cases in any Oregon circuit courts where you are a party. This may include both existing cases and future cases.  To ensure you receive text notifications in all current and future cases, and to ask if this notice will affect other cases, contact your local circuit court. Court contact information can be found at

Text message reminders are for your convenience only. It is your responsibility to ensure that you aware of your court dates and attend court at the scheduled date and time. OJD is not responsible for technical problems. You may be subject to default or other consequences if you do not attend a scheduled court appearance, regardless of whether you receive a text message court hearing reminder. 

You must notify the court if your phone number changes. Your phone number may become publicly available as part of the case record. You can access most case record information at no cost at  You can also access public case records and documents at any county courthouse. 

Respond “NO” to any text received from the court to stop receiving text reminders.

Standard text message and data rates may apply.

Note: If you were previously ordered to provide your mailing address to the court, this is not a substitute for updating your mailing address with the court.

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