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A transcript is a typed copy of the Court’s audio record. A transcript is prepared by an independent transcriptionist. The transcript is made from the recording of the Court event. In-Chambers discussions and Settlement Conferences are not recorded. Small Claims and Violation trials are not routinely recorded but arrangements may be made at least one business day in advance of any hearing. Except where the transcript is ordered by the State, the cost of preparation must be paid in advance by the requesting party. Those payment arrangements are made directly between the requestor and the transcriptionist. Please view the list below for the contact information of a transcriptionist who is trained in preparation of transcripts suitable for future Court matters, or you may seek your own transcriptionist.

The cost generally is $2.50 per page for the original and $0.25 per page for each copy (ORS 21.345). A transcript for appeal purposes costs $3.00 per page and $0.25 per page for each copy thereafter.

Transcript preparation is a lengthy process. Advance notice is essential.

Transcribers contact information