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Honorable Norm R. Hill, Presiding Judge

Judicial Assistant: Kim Holland
Phone: 503-623-5235

Honorable Monte S. Campbell, Circuit Judge

Judicial Assistant: Michael Reed
Phone: 503-623-9245

Honorable Rafael A. Caso, Circuit Judge

Judicial Assistant: Tracey Eastlund
Phone: 503-831-1776

NOTE: No document can be "filed" officially with the court by emailing or faxing it to a judge or member of a judge's staff.

Avoid Ex Parte Contact

Judges cannot receive communication from lawyers and self-represented litigants unless that communication is simultaneously provided to all other litigants or their lawyers.

Emailing Judges Directly

Please do not send emails to Judges directly. Emails to a judge should be sent to their corresponding judicial assistant as noted above. Any email sent must clearly show that copies were simultaneously sent to all other litigants or their lawyers or it cannot be read by a Judge.

Faxes Sent to Judges

You must first contact the Judges’ judicial assistant before sending a fax transmission. Judges and their judicial assistants do not have a stand-alone fax machine in their office so faxes sent without first contacting the judicial assistant may not be delivered to a Judge. There is a 10 page limit to the length of documents that can be sent by fax.