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Family Law

Child support is money regularly paid by a parent to help support a child. The court can order child support to be paid. Instructions to complete child support calculations are available from the Family Law Facilitator.

Child support calculator

A trial is the litigant’s opportunity to present information to a judge who will decide the issues in dispute when the parties cannot settle them on their own. Parties can call witnesses and provide other evidence for the judge to consider.

Please review the information in the Domestic Relations Trial Brochure.

In any domestic relations case, a non-custodial parent shall have the right to parenting time with the minor children of the parties according to the Lake County standard local and long distance parenting plans. If the parties agree, something similar can be used instead.

Sample parenting calendars

Family Law cases include divorce, separation, child custody, and modification cases involving child custody, parenting time, and child support.

​Mediation is an opportunity for the parties to settle custody and parenting time issues out of court instead of going to trial and asking a judge to make these decisions. The mediator is a neutral person who helps guide settlement discussions, provides information, and writes down agreements. There is no fee for court-ordered mediation.​

Mediation is mandatory in all contested custody and parenting time cases unless waived by a judge. Family abuse restraining order cases are exempt by law. Parties should notify the mediator if domestic violence is an issue in the case.

Before mediation sessions can begin, parties must watch the Mediation Orientation Video.

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