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Other Courts

County, Justice, and Municipal Courts

County, Justice, & Municipal Courts

Municipal, county, and justice courts are "local" courts outside the state-funded court system. Their jurisdiction is limited to violations, lesser crimes, and some other less serious cases.

Here are links to general information in the Oregon Bluebook on:

Federal and Tribal Courts

Federal & Tribal Courts

Oregon also has a federal trial court, federal bankruptcy court, federal appellate court, and trial and appellate tribal courts.

  • For information on federal courts in Oregon, go to the federal government's portal, FirstGov.
  • For information on tribal courts in Oregon, go to the website for the Commission on Indian Services.
Municipal and Justice Court Registries

Municipal & Justice Court Registries

Although the state court system has no administrative control over local courts, state law requires the State Court Administrator to establish a registry of municipal and justice courts. Cities and counties must provide information about their courts to the State Court Administrator.

In 2007, the legislature began requiring local courts to file a declaration with the Oregon Supreme Court as a precondition to operating, or ceasing to operate, as a court record. There is no set form for filing the declaration, although applicable requirements can be found in ORS chapters 51 (justice courts) and 221 (municipal courts). Status as a court of record affects where to file appeals from a judgment entered in a local court. Following is a list of courts that have filed declarations to operate as a court of record:

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