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eCitations Integration Program

The Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) has developed a standard integration allowing law enforcement agencies the option of electronically submitting their citations to Oregon’s circuit courts.  The law enforcement agency is required to map their local citation codes to meet OJD’s standard eCitation schema and code table requirements.  OJD’s schema and code tables are not modifiable nor does OJD allow for any customization for local ordinances.  The eCitations Integration Program only accepts violations for appearances in circuit court.  All crimes must be filed with the district attorney.

If you are interested in participating in the eCitations Integration Program please read the Procedures and Technical Standards document for additional information on the Program.

Procedures and Technical Standards

 Complete the Web Form to Start the Application Process

eCitations Integration Web Form

Odyssey Code Tables

Table CSV File PDF File
Address and License Plate State CSV PDF
Appearance Court (used in elements GPPLDAppearanceCourtRId_l & GPPLDAppearanceCourtRID_l)   PDF
Driver License State CSV PDF
Drivers License Class CSV PDF
Ethnicity CSV PDF
Eye Color CSV PDF
Hair Color CSV PDF
Offense Location Type CSV PDF
Speed Measurement Method CSV PDF
Vehicle Color CSV PDF
Vehicle Make CSV PDF
Vehicle Style CSV PDF


If you have questions about the eCitations Integration Program, please submit your questions to

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