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Text Message FAQ

Yes. A message is automatically sent if your cell phone number is associated with a Circuit Court or Tax Court case and there is an upcoming hearing or a hearing has been scheduled, rescheduled, or cancelled. The message will look similar to this:

A hearing for case [case number] in the [location] County Circuit Court is scheduled for [date and time]. For any questions, contact the court at [local court phone number].

You are receiving this text message from the Oregon Judicial Department to notify you of an upcoming court hearing or a change to an upcoming hearing. Text message notifications are for your convenience. It is your responsibility to be aware of your court dates. Reply “NO” at any time to stop these messages. 


The message will be sent from one of the following phone numbers:


To stop these messages, you can respond “No” at any time. 

If you have multiple cases, you may or may not receive text message notifications for each case. This will depend on whether a cell phone number is associated with the case. See the “If I have multiple cases, will I receive notifications for all of my cases?” question below for more details.

Contact your local court and provide court staff with your court case number(s) and your cell phone number. After you receive an initial message from the court you will begin receiving text message hearing reminders and updates.​

View court contact information.

Notifications are sent when a hearing on your case is scheduled, rescheduled, or cancelled. You will also receive reminders 7 days and 1 day before your court hearing.​

Notifications are sent between 5:30 PM and 9:00 PM PST.​

Reply “No” to any message to opt-out.​

No. Text message notifications do not replace official court notices. They are supplemental communications that allow parties to receive text message hearing reminders and updates. Text message notifications should not be relied upon as your primary source for hearing information.​

No. However, you can contact your local court to ensure that they have your correct cell phone number. Once this service is available, a cell phone number is associated with your case, and there is either an upcoming hearing or a hearing update in that case you will start to receive hearing-related messages.​

Maybe. Courts keep track of contact information, such as cell phone numbers, on a “Global Party Record”. Multiple cases can be linked to a “Global Party Record”, but it is possible to have more than one “Global Party Record” if you have multiple cases. When there is not enough information to determine whether the person is the same in each case the court will create a new “Global Party Record”. This is very common, so it is a good idea to contact your court to make sure you are receiving notifications for all of your cases.​

Yes. Only case parties can receive text message notifications.​

OJD does not send text message hearing notifications in confidential cases such as juvenile delinquency and civil commitment cases. However, starting January 1, 2022, OJD will send text message notifications for hearings in juvenile dependency cases​​

Yes. Hearing notifications are not sent for arraignment hearings in criminal and violation cases or initial hearings in protective order cases. ​