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Remote Child Support Court (RCSC)

Please Note: This service is limited to Deschutes, Douglas, Jackson, Jefferson, Josephine, Malheur, and Yamhill Counties.

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The Remote Child Support Court (RCSC) allows parents to participate remotely in their court proceedings instead of having to travel to a courthouse. The RCSC can save time and money, remove potential transportation barriers, and can provide a more comfortable atmosphere.

Contact Us

You can call anytime during open hours to speak to Remote Child Support Court Staff.


Remote Child Support Court Hours
Monday thru Friday, Excluding Holidays
8am - 12pm and 1pm - 5pm (PST)


Participating Local
Court Websites

Select your local court from the drop down to be taken to that participating county's homepage.

What Information Can Remote Child Support Court Staff Provide?

  • ​General information about court procedures, rules and practices.​​
  • Instructions and forms that the court developed for some proceedings (forms are not available for all legal proceedings).
  • Court schedules and information on how to get matters scheduled.
  • Public information in court records.

  • ​Advise or recommend one procedure, form, or pleading over another.​​
  • Advise what words to put in a form or what to say in court.
  • Speculate about the possible outcome of a pending court matter.
  • Recommend the services of a specific attorney or group of attorneys.​​


Find additional information by visiting the sites and resources displayed below.

Remote Child Support Court Hearing Access

Remote Child Support Court Hearing Access

Check your local court's information on how to join your hearing.

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Free Wi-Fi Locations

Free Wi-Fi Locations

Map of locations that offer free Wi-Fi within your community.

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Court Appointed Attorney

Check your local court for court appointed attorney information.

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Submitting Exhibits

Submitting Exhibits

Information on how to submit your exhibits. Exhibits must be submitted no later than two business days prior to hearing.

Oregon Department of Justice Child Support Division

Oregon Department of Justice

Child Support Division

Access to your online account, payments, services, child support calculator, and resources.

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Participating District Attorney Offices

Participating District Attorney Offices

Website and contact information by county.



Find a Family Law facilitator in your county. Do you need assistance with your court case that involves custody, parenting time, or a modification?

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