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Aid & Assist Forms

The following electronic forms are in PDF "fillable" format. They are intended to be completed electronically, either in advance or in the courtroom. The forms are "locked" so you can only type in the gray fields. 

The most recent version of each form is provided here. Please make sure you submit the most recent version by checking the date at the bottom of the form. 

NOTE: If you are unable to access and use these forms as intended, please email Emily Burgess,

AA-1 Order for Community Mental Health Consultation (latest version: 9/6/23)

AA-2 Order for Mental Health Evaluation (latest version: 9/6/23)

AA-3 Order Finding Defendant Fit to Proceed (latest version: 9/6/23)

AA-4 Order Finding Defendant Unfit to Proceed (latest version: 9/6/23)

AA-5 Order for Disclosure of Protected Health Information by Community Mental Health Program and Corrections Health (latest version: 9/6/23)

AA-6 Order to Engage in Community-Based Restoration and Treatment Services (latest version: 6/22/24)

AA-7 Order Finding Services and Treatment Necessary for Defendant to Gain Fitness to Proceed Are Not Present and Available in the Community (latest version: 9/6/23)

AA-8 Order of Commitment to Oregon State Hospital (latest version: 6/20/24)

AA-9 Order Following Hearing on "Ready to Place" Notice from Oregon State Hospital (latest version: 9/6/23)

AA-10 Order Following Oregon State Hospital Notice of End of Commitment Period Pursuant to Federal Court Order (latest version: 9/6/23)

AA-11 Order Finding Defendant Has Gained Fitness to Proceed (latest version: 9/6/23)

AA-12 Order Finding Defendant Unfit to Proceed with No Substantial Probability to Gain or Regain Fitness in the Foreseeable Future (latest version: 9/6/23)

AA-13 Order Finding Defendant Unfit to Proceed and Committed to Oregon State Hospital on a Committable Case (latest version: 7/1/24)