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Homework Assignments

Below are links to homework assignments that prospective volunteers will complete during their Orientation Training (OT). Please contact the CRB Trainer with any questions, for help with the homework, or to schedule a video meeting with the CRB Trainer to get organized before you begin.
IMPORTANT: ***DO NOT start the homework until the CRB has provided you with your OT agenda. Use your OT agenda checklist to guide you through the homework. There are slight differences in what homework to do when depending on what version of OT you are taking, so follow the specific instructions provided to you in your agenda. Do not start early or work ahead.***

OT Homework Assignments - To Complete Before Day 1:
  1. Briefly familiarize yourself with what is available on your Resource Guides page. This is your "digital binder" of helpful information that you will reference throughout your time in training and your time serving on the CRB (spend about 15 minutes browsing this site)
  2. Read Section 3 of the Orientation Manual (spend about 30 minutes)
  3. Watch the four Harvard University videos on child development (spend about 25 minutes)
  4. Read the BRODY JONES CASE which will be used for several activities/discussions on both days of training (spend about 1 hour or less)
  5. Complete the ACEs reading and activity (spend about 30 minutes)

OT Homework Assignments - To Complete Before Day 2:

  1. Read Why Homework? (spend about 5 minutes)
  2. Complete the Video Homework (spend about 1 hour)
  3. Complete the Getting There worksheet (spend about 30-45 minutes - do not spend more than 1 hour even if you cannot complete this assignment)
  4. Read the ELECTRA GARCIA CASE, which you will use to conduct a mock CRB review on the afternoon of Day 2. Pretend you are going to be the lead reviewer on this case! Use the Resource Guides to help you, and use one of the Case Notes Sheets (CNS) below to take notes about the case. (spend about 1-2 hours maximum)
CNS instructions and tips                CNS for printing and handwriting                 CNS for typing

To complete after OT:
  1. Sign and return insurance forms and email them to:  
  2. OT course evaluation (optional)