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Strategic Plan

The Strategic Planning Process

In July 2015, all CRB staff and the CRB Advisory Commitiee participated in an analysis of the
program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Three months later, all CRB staff and
20 volunteer board members from 17 different counties met in Salem for a two‐day planning session
to identify program priorities for the next five years. Because CRB is part of the Oregon Judicial
Department, participants in the planning session made a conscious effort to align CRB priorities with
the Department’s five long‐term goals of

  • Access ‐ Increase Public Access to Justice;
  • Trust and Confidence ‐ Promote Public Trust and Confidence;
  • Dispute Resolution ‐ Provide Quality and Timely Dispute Resolution;
  • Partnerships ‐ Engage Actively with Justice System Participants and Community; and
  • Administration ‐ Advance Best Practices in Judicial Administration.

This 5‐year strategic plan is a high‐level summary of the CRB’s goals, strategies, and action items
that resulted from the two‐day planning session.

CRB Strategic Plan Front Cover