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Juror FAQs

Please review the summons in its entirety. Once you reviewed the summons, please complete and return the pre-paid postcard indicating whether you will: attend, request to be deferred, or request to be excused. 

*This section does not apply if you received a green jury summons.​

​MAX Light Rail Station - The Hatfield Government Center Max station is at the west end of the MAX line, between Washington and Main on SW Adams in Hillsboro, and is within one block from the courthouse. Consult the map in the jury summons.

Tri-Met Buses –​

​There is free all-day parking available to jurors.  Refer to your summons for a parking permit, as well as, a map with directions from the parking structure to the courthouse.​

​In Washington County, unless you are summoned for a grand jury,  jury service is generally for the duration of one trial or one day of service.  Summoned jurors will report to the courthouse on the day and time noted in their summons, and if selected for a trial, will remain until the trial concludes.  If you are not selected for a trial, you will be dismissed, but will still be deemed to have completed your term of service.​

​To be a juror in Washington County, you must be a citizen of the United States, a resident of Washington County, 18 years of age or older, and not have previously served on any state or federal jury within the last 2-years. You may also be ineligible for service if your rights and privileges have been withdrawn and not restored as provided under Oregon law. See ORS 137.281​.​

Contact the Washington County Circuit Court Jury Coordinator or ADA Coordinator as soon as possible after receiving your summons. 

Jury Coordinator
503.846.8888 Ext. 55005 (M-F 1-5pm)
Special Jury Summons (Green Summons)
Check the recorded the telephone message 503.846.8888, option 3, 6, 2, 1 for information regarding reporting. 

Regular Jury Summons (White Summons)
If your juror number is selected for service, you must report at 7:45 a.m. on the date noted in your summons to Washington County Circuit Court, 145 NE 2nd Avenue, Hillsboro, Oregon. 

Check the Jury Reporting Schedule or the recorded telephone message, 503.846.8820, to confirm that your juror number is in the juror group that has been selected to report. 

View Google Map​ for directions to the courthouse.

​A grand jury is a special kind of jury that hears evidence in criminal cases and votes on whether there is enough evidence to issue an indictment charging a person with a crime. The term of service for grand jurors is one or two days per week for 5 weeks.​

​No.  Oregon law provides that an employer shall not discharge or threaten to discharge, intimidate, or coerce an employee by reason of the employee’s service as a juror. 

​If you are unable to serve on the date for which you have been summoned to appear, use the jury summons postcard or the online Juror Response Form to request a deferral.  

Jurors are asked to propose other possible dates to fulfill their service. These proposed dates may not more than one (1) year from the original jury summons date. A new jury summons will be sent to you for the new term of jury service. You may defer your service to any day of the week, except for Monday, as this is not a day that jurors typically report for jury duty.​

​If you no longer live in Washington County, are not a citizen of the United States, or are under the age of 18, you do not qualify to serve as a juror. 

The Court will excuse you from service if you are (i) 70-years or older on the date of jury service, or (ii) are a nursing mother, and you request on such grounds. 
For excuses on other grounds, you must show good cause, including for example:
  1. jury service causes you, your family, or your employer undue hardship or extreme inconvenience; or,
  2. you are the sole caregiver for a child or other dependent, personally attend to the dependent during the Court's normal hours, and are unable to afford daycare or make other arrangements for the care of the dependent.
If you believe that you have grounds to be excused, please contact the Washington County Circuit Court Jury Coordinator as soon as possible after receiving your summons. 

Jury Coordinator
503.846.8888 Ext. 55005 (M-F 1-5pm)

Jury Coordinator
503.846.8888 Ext. 55005 (M-F 1-5pm)

Please contact the Jury Coordinator:


Jury Coordinator
Washington County Courthouse
145 NE 2nd Avenue
Hillsboro, Oregon 97124