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Tax Court COVID-19 Alert Page

5-27-2021 - Presiding Judge's Order Amending COVID-19 Procedures To Incorporate CJO 21-016
4-1-2021 - PJO Amending COVID Procedures to Incorporate CJO 21-009
10-22-2020 - Order, Tracing Log, and OJD Protocol

09-04-2020 - Order Rescinding Order of Partial Closure

07-21-2020 - CJO 20-027 - Chief Justice Order Extending Certain Deadlines in the Tax Court

Chief Justice Order Extending Certain Deadlines in the Tax Court In CJO 20-027, Chief Justice Walters has extended the statutory time periods and time requirements in certain Oregon Tax Court appeals.  The order is authorized by Section 6 of House Bill 4212 (2020), which the Governor signed on June 30.  The order applies to the initiation of appeals to either division of the Tax Court and generally extends the appeal deadline to 60 days after the end of the COVID 19 emergency period.  Note that the extension differs from the extension the legislature adopted for commencement of civil actions.  (Compare to Section 7 of HB 4212.)  In addition, the order authorizes the Tax Court Judge, or his delegate, to extend statutory deadlines that apply after the initiation of a proceeding

08-31-2020 - Oregon Tax Court Remote Hearings Guide
05-01-2020 - Temporary policy regarding email of court-generated documents:

It has come to the court’s attention that, as a consequence of Covid-19, many non-attorney case participants are having difficulty accessing their regular mail. Parties and non-attorney representatives needing an electronic version of a court-generated document (order, letter, decision etc.) may contact the court at or by phone to request an electronic version be sent. Please include in your request:
  1. the case number;
  2. title of document;
  3. date of document; and
  4. the email address where you would like the electronic version sent (will send to requestor email if no other specified).
Case participants can access the free online case docket in order to determine whether a new document has been filed, and to get the title and date of documents, if necessary. Please note that court-generated documents are TIFF files and will be emailed in that format. There is no charge for the first copy of a record. Subsequent copies or copies of other court records not subject to the policy may require a fee as provided in CJO 11-091. This policy is temporary.

The Oregon Tax Court Magistrate Division and Regular Division currently are open at our usual hours. However, if you call the court, you may reach our voicemail because our on-premises staff are handling multiple duties. Please know that we are checking voice messages and will try to return your call promptly. We are opening mail and are available to receive in-person filings.