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Court Etiquette

Courtroom etiquette refers to how to dress and behave while in the courthouse whether you are a participant, a witness, a juror, or a spectator. Along with the etiquette information provided by Oregon Judicial Department please remember the following (SLR 3.011, SLR 3.182): 

Improper Apparel for Malheur County Circuit Court for Non Lawyers

  • Tube tops, tank tops, halter tops, bare midriff tops, see-through tops 
  • Shorts 
  • Dresses shorter than the fingertips of extended arms 
  • Skirts or pants with waists that allow undergarments to be seen 
  • Clothing with large holes 
  • Hats 
  • Clothing which display controlled substances (tobacco, alcohol, drugs), double meanings, hate motivated behavior, illegal activities, obscene gestures or language, profanity, sexual references, or violence 
  • Bare feet- shoes are required 
  • Chains which could be used as weapons 
  • Garments meant to be worn as undergarments worn as outer garments and sagging, bagging or dragging pants.  

Personal Communications Devices

Personal communication devices must be turned off upon entering the courtroom and shall remain off until after the person has departed from the courtroom.  Attorneys shall be permitted to leave their personal communication devices on provided said devices are placed in silence mode or in a mode where the personal communication device cannot produce an audio sound.  The court may make exceptions to this prohibition upon request. 

At no time, except by order of the court, may any person make any type of audio, video, photographic or any other type of electronic recording while in the courtroom or other court facilities.