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Juror FAQ


541.776.7171 ext. 127
Fax:  541.776.7057

 Grand Jury
541.776.7171 ext. 192
541.776.7171 ext. 155


The Jury Coordinator is available by phone Monday through Friday.

 Main Address
Jackson County Circuit Court
Justice Building
100 S. Oakdale Avenue
Medford, OR 97501-3127

NOTE: The Jury Assembly Room is on the 2nd floor of the Justice Building

​​To provide you with the latest information on whether you will be required to report, you must call or visit our website after 5:00 PM the evening before each of the days you are scheduled to report.

You will receive a pre-recorded message, which will refer to the trial date, and a range of juror numbers requested to appear. Report only if your juror number is within the numerical sequence.

To access the Juror Reporting Information Online for the Jury Reporting Schedule, or call us at 541.776.7171 ext. 578 (after 5:00 PM). Outside calling area call: 800.452.5021 ext. 7171 ext. 578.

​​Complete and return the enclosed postcard immediately to confirm your attendance.

​​If you are selected for a jury panel, your service will last only as long as the trial on which you are selected to serve. At the end of the trial, your service for the State Courts will be complete. If you are selected to serve for Grand Jury, the term is for 8 weeks, one day per week.

​​You will receive detailed instructions about your jury service on the first day you report. Jury orientation is held in the Jury Assembly Room on the SECOND FLOOR of the Justice Building, 100 S. Oakdale Avenue, Medford, Oregon. 

Directions to the Justice Building

  • ​You must be a citizen of the United States.
  • You must be a resident of Jackson County.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must not have served on any state or federal jury in the last two years.

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