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Jury Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

​If you are 70 years of age, you may be excused upon request. Please indicate that on the Jury Eligibility Form and return it back to the court.

​Yes, you would need to advise the Jury Coordinator of days you would not be available for service. In most cases the courts are able to grant requests.

​Term of service will be for (1) month If a juror is seated for a trial, then the juror may be excused for the remainder of the month. Depending on the number of trials, you may be called to serve again within the month. After serving, you are excused for the next two years thereafter.

​The court will provide accommodations with assisted listening devices if needed.

​Other reasons to be excused should be indicated on the Jury Eligibility Form and returned to the Jury Coordinator; i.e. critical medical condition; breast-feeding a new born baby; moved out of state or another county; prior service; full time student; non-citizen; active duty armed forces.

​Begin calling the Code-a-Phone 541.957.2472 or 1.800.460.8132 or check the Jury Schedule webpage every evening after 6:00 P.M.  Listen to the message carefully.

​If you are unable to serve as a juror for any term, you may request to be deferred to another month. You must choose a month not more than (1) year from the date of your original summons. On the Jury Eligibility Form, please indicate which month you would like to serve. Please be aware that the court can work with a juror if they need dates off during their month of service.