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Request a Deferral

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Jury Coordinator: 503.397.2327 ext. 24024



Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm 

Postponement / Deferral of Service

Columbia County will generally defer service once unless good cause is shown. At this time, due to public need, we are unable to approve subsequent deferral requests.

Jurors are asked to propose other possible dates to fulfill their service. These proposed dates may not be more than one (1) year from the original jury summons date. Dates proposed by the juror, and approved by the Courts, should be considered final. 

All requests to be deferred should be submitted through our Online Juror Response Form. 
  • The Court will weigh the basis for your request against the public’s need for jurors. When your request is processed you will receive a status notification. 
  • If denied, you will need to be prepared to serve once your summons begins by monitoring the Schedule and Call-in Calendar and responding when called.