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Criminal – Failure to Appear for a Traffic Trial

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Criminal Unit
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Failure to Appear

Default Judgment

If you fail to appear on your traffic citation, a default judgment will be entered against you. You can appear on your citation by choosing and completing one of the options outlined on the Traffic Violations/Citations page.
If a default judgment is entered against you, it will be for the full fine amount written on your citation, plus additional fines, restitution and other costs.
  • If you do not pay the full cost of the ticket in advance and you do not appear, the court may enter a conviction and a judgment against you for more than the presumptive fine and up to the maximum penalty allowed by law for the charged offense(s) including the maximum fines, restitution, and other costs.
  • If you were charged with a crime and you fail to appear at the date and time, the court may issue a warrant for your arrest.

License Suspension

  • If you do not appear or you do not follow the instructions found either on the back of the citation or at the end of the citation, the court may issue notice to the Department of Transportation to suspend your license if you fail to appear on a citation for a traffic offense.
  • The record of conviction will be sent to the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles and the licensing authority of the state where you are licensed to drive, if other than Oregon, to decide if a license suspension is appropriate.

Additional Information

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