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Identity Theft Scam

Identity theif


Jury Coordinator: 503.655.8397


Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays, from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm


Ralph M. Holman Law Center
Jury Assembly Room (2nd Floor)
821 Main Street
Oregon City, Oregon 97045

Note: the Jury Assembly Room is not located in the Courthouse.

Courts around the country have been reporting a new identity theft scam. Learn more about protecting yourself. Our court does not contact jurors who have missed jury duty or contact you to ask for personal information over the phone or by email. The Circuit Court's Jury Room staff may call you to update your address if your summons was returned due to incorrect address or to return a phone call you have placed one to the jury room requesting information. If you are serving on a trial, the judge's staff may call you to inform you of a schedule change. Beyond those purposes, there is no reason for you to be contacted by telephone or email in relationship to your service as a juror.

The court does not collect social security or other sensitive personal information from potential jurors over the phone or by mail. If you have received a request for sensitive personal information over the telephone or by mail, you may be a victim of identity theft. Contact the jury coordinator (see contact information above) and local law enforcement to report it.